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The joy of bringing people together!

Our aim is too facilitate transformative life experiences through music, movement + mantra that embolden the practice of ahimsa. Our hope is to grow the practice of ahimsa through intimate events that educate, enlighten, and enhance personal development journeys.

The Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival promotes a healthier and happier practice, enriching and empowering the lives of attendees and those around them. Our world-class presenters are there to collaborate and communicate with you. They do not preach on a far away stage. They are a part of your experience, sharing advice about their journey, and hoping to have a direct impact on your life.  And every year, attendees walk away feeling rejuvenated to show up in their everyday lives with a positive attitude that brings joy to themselves and those around them. 



Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival was established in 2012 to bring together yoga and kirtan music enthusiasts to practice the principles of Ahimsa. From workshops featuring world class presenters to vendors sharing the labors of their love, every facet of the event is meant to inspire personal growth. The result is a profound ripple effect, enhancing the lives of attendees and those in their communities. 

A very special thank you to founders Bernie & Katherine Walters for creating this
special event we all look forward to every year!


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