Alicia Gibson

Alicia Gibson guides her yogis through an intoxicating journey infused with warmth, whimsy, humor, inclusiveness, and a little dose of a Dare.  It is a Dare to be present enough for moments that serve to both evolve us forward, or bring us back to where we need to be physically, spiritually, emotionally.  Sessions with Alicia provide an accessible space that is energetic, soulful, and amusing. Alicia’s own saga of serenity is proof that yoga and mindfulness can be both kindling and spark, and she savors any opportunity pay forward the gifts she has received.  

For Alicia it started half a lifetime ago with a fateful interaction with a yoga VHS cassette that resulted in over two decades of practicing yoga.  She is an alumni Ambassador for Lululemon Danbury, and has delivered programs for festivals such as Sweatfest. Alicia volunteers in local school districts weekly to teach yoga to elementary aged children.  She balanced new motherhood to gain her certifications and experience for nearly a decade and specializes in various flavors of Bhakti Vinyasa flow, Yin, and SUP yoga. Alicia has a passion for children, animals, live music, hiking, lakeside living, and rare opportunities for tropical travel.  She lives in Connecticut with her three children and supportive husband. She is grateful to the studios, mentors, friends, and students that all refine her practice and teaching.

Alicia can be found on her mat both teaching and going with the flow at Basil Yoga Center in Ridgefield, or somewhere around, on, or in Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.