Hunter Mountain is located just over 2 hours north of New York City in the northern Catskill Mountains.

Address: 64 Klein Avenue, Hunter, NY 12442

GPS coordinates: 42° 12.289 N 074° 12.598 W.

Come by car, bus or plane!  Click the links below for directions on how to get to Ahimsa via your mode of transportation.


Getting to Ahimsa


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m considering buying a Pass but I’m a little unclear as to what having a Pass entails?

A: Buying a Pass gives you access to  3 classes a day(day pass) or(weekend passes only), all concerts and access to the vendor village,admission to events such as the Drum Circle and DJ Dance Party.
Please see EVENTBRITE for full descriptions of each pass.

Q: Where can I buy a Pass


Q: Is this an all ages event?

A: All Children are welcome at Ahimsa. Children under the age of 5 music be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES. 
Children over 5 must have their own ticket for any concerts.

All Children under the age of 18 signing up for Yoga classes must have a written note from a parent or guardian or be with one. Only Children with previous Yoga experience should sign up for classes. No Children under the age of 12 will be permitted in a Yoga class with or without a guardian.

Q: Is photography, audio/video recording allowed?

A: Yes but be respectful within Yoga classes and NO Flash at Concerts.

Q: What’s the deal with parking?

A: Hunter has plenty of parking. Look for signs.

Q: Is outside food or alcohol allowed?

A: You can bring food in if you want but NO Alcohol. Meal tickets are for sale here: 

Q: Will there be food and drinks for sale?

A: Yes.

Q. What happens if I am late for a class?
A: No-one is allowed to enter a Yoga class after 10 minutes past its starting time out of respect for the teacher and class.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Only emergency situations will be granted a refund prior to the Event. No ticketing fees will be refunded.


All Attendees:

All classes and events are subject to change . Please keep an eye on social media for last minute schedule changes ,times, locations and presenters. producers have the right to modify the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

By purchasing a Ticket or pass to the Ahimsa Yoga and Music festival you agree to the Assumption of Risk agreement below and all terms above.




Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival


By participating in any and all activities offered by Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival, represent that I understand the nature of all activities offered here and that I am qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such activities. I acknowledge that, if I believe that conditions are unsafe, I will stop participation immediately. I assume all risk associated with participating in any events hosted by Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival, as well as travel to and from all festival activities.

I hereby agree not to sue Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival, its respective administrators, directors, agents, volunteers, and employees, other participants, any sponsors, and advertisers from all liabilities, claims, damages, and demands caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by my own negligence or the negligence of any party listed in this agreement.

PHOTO USAGE: I permit Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival to use images, audio, and video with myself or my property for purposes of publicity, illustration, advertising, commercial art, publishing, or any other use and agree to the lawful disposition in any manner, without any royalty or compensation to me. I further waive any right to review or approve any use of images, audio, or video.

I hereby release all photographers and his or her legal representatives from all legal claims and liability relating to said photographs.

I hereby claim that I am of legal age to participate in all above activities or have a signed letter from my parent or legal guardian.

As a vendor at the Ahimsa yoga and Music Festival I agree to not hold Ahimsa or its producers liable for any loss or damaged merchandise during November 1-3,2019



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