Damodar (Daniel Cordua) is a well known yoga teacher, spiritual educator, collaborator, ayurvedic practitioner & massage therapist based in the Philadelphia area. He is co-owner of the healing sanctuary & creative space, Palo Santo Wellness and is a leader in healing within Philadelphia & its surrounding areas.

His journey towards a healthier body, steadier mind and more open heart has drawn Damodar to not only study & teach dynamic vinyasa yoga, but yoga philosophy, ancient yogic texts, the ancient healing science of ayurveda, and bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion. Damodar has pursued these passions by learning continuously with many esteemed yogis, schools & teachers both in India & the States - including Raghunath, Radhanath Swami, the California College of Ayurveda, & many more.

An avid proponent of mantra, singing, and meditation, Daniel is fascinated by the stories, sciences & deep wisdom of the yoga tradition. His classes are full of astute observation of the physical, while the true focus is a deep understanding of the subtle & the spiritual.

Damodar’s teaching is a fun, aligned, challenging flow that is peppered with humor & infused with ancient wisdom for modern ears. He continuously offers workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats locally, nationally & internationally. He offers up his teaching in gratitude to his teachers, his students, and as service to that which connects us all - spirit & Source!