Grace Bishop

Grace's strongest personal value is unity through nonviolence. That's complimented by a second core value of taking the risks she needs to follow her own path of authenticity. These two values seem to propel her in all of her work.


Grace discovered NVC (Nonviolent Communication) by chance in 2015, when a friend recommended the book, 'Nonviolent Communication'. She has been allowing her NVC practice (alongside her yoga practice) to transform her ever since. 


In 2017, she met her co-facilitator, Sonia Shultis, at an NVC IIT (International Intensive Training). With the shared inspiration to weave their yoga and NVC practices together, they've become close friends and colleagues.


Grace has been facilitating practice groups and community-building in Chicago for a few years, and is lit up by the opportunity to take her practice to the Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival.