Ira Ruiz

Ira Ruiz is a dance-movement artist, Yoga student and 500-RYT teacher, breathwork facilitator and Ayurveda's Marma therapy practitioner.

She sees Yoga & Ayurveda as a lifestyle, and a way to empower practitioners to rise above their current state of awareness, and reconnect to their internal source of wisdom, vitality and love. She aims to share a healing modalities that both balance and integrate the body-mind with the soul, and from here, align the inner with outer environment in order to live more harmonious lives.

Ira weaves Bhakti Yoga dharma through creative, both physically and mentally challenging Hatha-Vinyasa asana (poses) practice, exploring the connection between breath and consciousness, as well as the powerful and transformative experience that it is to witness your authentic Self on the mat. She finds balance by offering the counteractive practice of restorative Yoga as well as Marma which she strongly believes is an antidote for stressful and fast-paced lives. She now leads retreats, workshops and teacher trainings in New York City & Puerto Rico.