Lori Skerjanz

Lori Skerjanz created RAVI weighted blankets for yoga practice.  She discovered weighted blankets when her mother made one for a family member with Autism.  Lori was intrigued by the concept of applying weight to the body to calm the senses to help reduce anxiety.  "Yoga practice is also therapeutic in nature, so it felt like a natural evolution to join the two together."  She went on to weave this innovative new prop into her teachings at her studio in South Carolina and the RAVI practice evolved over the years.  

With the RAVI you will experience the heavy blanket calming effects in restorative postures, additional depth and torque in YIN stretches and maximize strengthening in your movement practices. 

Lori now travels, teaching RAVI Master Class Workshops and RAVI Teacher Trainings at Yoga Studios and Festivals.  "Students are often surprised by the multitude of poses and the impact RAVI has on the yoga practice."  RAVI Workshops are spiced with a pinch of science, a splash of sensory history and generously slathered with calm.  Relax, Calm & Yoga with RAVI