Sukha is Southern California based husband/wife team Sukhmani and Sukhman. Sukha exists to help people fall in love with the power and magic of mantra. They play their own blend of unique and modern “rock inspired” mantra music for classes, events and festivals and tour extensively usually with an eclectic mix of world-class musicians and instruments. Sukha is often a part of many of Sukhmani’s Kundalini Yoga classes. They usually include relaxing gong, bowl and didgeridoo sound healing as an added relaxation treat. Their critically acclaimed mantra album “Rise” was released in March 2016 and the band recently released their powerful follow-up, “Cusp”. They were on the 2016 Grammy® Ballot for Best New Age Album of The Year. Sukha is known for their high-vibration delivery to allow people to experience singing, sound, and mantra meditation in an accessible format for all.